Newborn Child Naming Counseling

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What you read is a brief synopsis on steps to take for careful selection of a born child's name. If you consider relying on numerological advice, just take into account some guidelines described.

Astrological and numerological researches on the child's birth date, hour and minute along with the location are used to compile a comprehensive horoscope. The most prominent section of horoscope is the Moon's angle bias towards stars. According to Hindu Astrology 27 stars exist that the Moon can be aligned to. Each of these is consequently detached into four sectors each. Therefore by using certain method we can precisely point out the quarter the Moon is aligned to at the child's birth.

Hindu Almanacs accentuate that the child name's first letter must accord to the Moon's star alignment in the child's horoscope. So we compile a short list of names that have the needed starting letter to pass onto the next step.

By means of easy numerological research we can derive the child's birth number. For instance, babies born on dates 2, 11, 20 prove to have birth number 2. Other dates will give corresponding values in similar fashion.

At next step, we get to convert the names in short list we compiled earlier to single numeric values. Therefore we eventually get the name number to complement the birth number.

This way we make use of both numerological and astrological concepts for testing the 'fortune' of particular name. For the reference of parents seeking to convert names to numeric values here goes the table of associated numbers to different letters of Latin alphabet.