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Numerology, the study of the mystical properties of numbers, works by assigning numbers into various vibrations. Numerologists maintain that each number has a particular vibration.

Different systems of numerology make use of different charts. To determine a person's own number, the name he or she is given at birth (not a nickname or a name switched to after marriage) is used; each letter of the name is assigned a number (with some letters getting the same number), and the numbers are added together. If the result has more than one digit, the two or more digits are added together until one digit is left.
Knowing the compatibility of two people in a relationship by using name numerology compatibility is gaining popularity these days. Today’s generation is impartial in judgment and has broadminded views and is not prejudiced towards numerology. This has resulted in people accepting numerology as a tool to solve the problems in their relationships.

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Numerology works by assigning a number to a person according to the name of the person. This number is known as the personal number. This number for both the partners is calculated. Every number represents a particular set of traits and personality characteristics. For instance a person ruled by number one will be very dictatorial towards his partner and this will cause disharmony in their relationship. If these people gain fame then they mentally drift away from their partners. People ruled by number four and eight are very affectionate towards people with number one and this will result in a harmonious relationship between number eight and number one people. Also number four people have personality traits similar to people with number eight and this increases the compatibility, resulting in a harmonious relationship. Number nine people are possessed with absolutely opposite characteristics as compared to number four so number four and nine are not compatible and are advised not to enter into relationships. Numerology can even help to sort out problems and increase compatibility to some extent; this is done by changing the name like inserting an alphabet in between the name. Therefore just like astrology and horoscopes, numerology is also a very effective tool to check the compatibility of people in a relationship.

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Name numerology compatibility is a very useful tool just like horoscopes and astrology to know how compatible two people are. Though numerology is harmless but one should not base the decisions solely on name numerology compatibility.